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Project Autism 3.0: Coming Soon!

We will have a major update to our website in the coming months! Be prepared for more user-friendly options, even more expansion of our resource list, video blogs through our Puzzled Parent Connection, and so much more!

Information/Resources About Autism

Welcome to Project Autism!

Mission: The goal of Project Autism is to provide assistance, support, and education to families and professionals affected by and/or affiliated with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs).

The foundation of Project Autism is this website, a one-stop shop to obtain quality information in the form of trainings, a comprehensive resource list, research information, and current events, as well as give you the opportunity to contribute to those who live with or are affected by children diagnosed with ASDs.

As you take a look around the site, we hope to make you think, laugh, cry, and, most importantly, find solid, structured information and resources. We want to take the fear out of finding treatment options and assist in providing solid information so that you can make the best decisions for those around you affected with an ASD.

Upcoming Scholarships and Funding

We are looking to raise funds so that we can offer scholarships for those who need therapy. The approved therapies will be Applied Behavior Analysis, Speech Therapy, and Occupational Therapy. We need donations and have a starting goal of $50,000. No amount is too small! Please select the "donate" button at the bottom of this page, or check out our Ways to Give page!