2 minute snacks: Cereal Necklaces

2 minute snacks! These are ideas for after school or weekends that you can throw together with things you have around the house. Today's idea: cereal necklaces! This is a snack your kiddos can make themselves, working on fine motor skills and making a treat at the same time.


  • "O" shaped cereal, gluten-free if desired
  • String, twine, or yarn

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Step 1

Cut a length of string, twine, or yarn and tie a large knot at one end. Give the string and a bowl of cereal to your kiddo and let him/her at it, prompting the first few if necessary.

Step 2

Let your kiddo string cereal until you think it's long enough for a necklace or bracelet. Snacking during the project will happen!

Step 3

Help him/her fit it on and tie a knot to complete the project. Snack time!