2 Minute Snacks: Turtle Time!

2 minute snacks! These are ideas for after school or weekends that you can throw together with things you have around the house. Today's idea: make a turtle!


  • apple (green preferred)
  • nut or seed butter (to make eyes and limbs stick) - Smile Link
  • grapes (green preferred)
  • candy eyes/mini chocolate chips/mini m&m's - Smile Link

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Step 1

Cut the apple and 2 grapes in half. Position the grape limbs and "glue" them on with nut butter. I already had peanut butter is a squeeze bottle, so I used that but it is not necessary. Use a whole grape for the head and "glue" candy eyes on with nut butter. Cute and yummy (helped my kiddo get over his fear of green apples!)