Kids' Thanksgiving Dessert: Mini Caramel Apples

I don’t know what your kids are like, but mine are as likely to eat a beetle as pumpkin pie. Most Thanksgiving desserts are just not kid-friendly. This year, we are trying out a DIY option the kids can mostly make themselves and it will keep them busy while we eat our pie! Disclaimer: Help keep our resources for families with special needs free! Project Autism is an Amazon Affiliate; items and/or products linked in this blog are only those that we trust with our own families. If you should purchase via the link listed, we will receive a portion of the purchase, however, it is not costing you an extra thing!


  • A bag of caramels
  • Chocolate chips
  • Apples
  • Lollipop sticks - Smile Link
  • Toppings (use your imagination and dig through your pantry!)

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Step 1

First, prep your toppings. We used crushed pretzels, mini m&m’s, graham cracker crumbs, sprinkles, granola, and dragees.

Step 2

Melt your caramels with a tablespoon of water in one minute increments until smooth.

Step 3

Core and slice your apples.

Step 4

Push the lollipop sticks into the apple slices.

Step 5

Dip the apples slices into the caramel, let it cool for a bit, then dip into chocolate. I’m going to be honest here, the caramel only sticks well to the outside of the apple, so don’t feel like you did something wrong when it kind of slides off the inside of the apple. Maybe it’s not Pinterest-worthy, but it’s delicious and fun!

Step 6

Let the kids decorate!

Step 7

Have fun!

Step 8

All done!

Step 9

Place the decorated apples in the freezer for 10 minutes- this will help the chocolate harden. Toast your success and enjoy!

Step 10

Enjoy :)