Lunchbox Treat: Cheese Monsters!

Here’s a 2-minute way to add fun to lunchtime and encourage your kiddo to get a little protein and calcium. My daughter said they were yummy and they looked great. My son said they were cool. The cheese got eaten. Enough said.


  • Babybel cheese, any flavor
  • Googly eyes (get the sticker ones if you can, I only had the glue-on ones, so that’s what I used)
  • Nail scissors or X-acto knife
  • Glue (if you have glue-on googly eyes)

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Step 1

Peel the strip of the Babybel cheese all the way around.

Step 2

Stick on googly eyes in different configurations

Step 3

Cut the mouths into different shapes.

Step 4

Toss them into lunchboxes. Done!