Lunchbox Treat: DIY Fruit Snacks

I love to offer my kids snacks that I can feel good about giving them. One of the ways I do this is by taking snacks that are traditionally boxed and making them at home in order to control the quality of ingredients. These were a hit and fun and easy to make! Help keep our resources for families with special needs free! Disclaimer: Project Autism is an Amazon Affiliate; items and/or products linked in this blog are only those that we trust with our own families. If you should purchase them via the links listed, we will receive a portion of the purchase, however, it is not costing you an extra thing!


  • 1 cup 100% fruit or vegetable juice or a combination, as I used here
  • 2 tablespoons gelatin - Smile Link
  • Honey to taste
  • Silicone molds - Smile Link
  • Silicone molds - Smile Link

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Step 1

Pour juice into a small saucepan and sprinkle gelatin over the top. Allow the powder to be absorbed into the liquid (it will look a little wrinkly on the surface) before whisking to combine.

Step 2

On the stovetop, heat the liquid slowly until it warms through over medium heat. Cook the liquid until it is thin and no longer grainy. Remove from heat and whisk in honey, if using.

Step 3

Carefully pour the liquid into the molds or use an infant medicine syringe if the molds are small. Transfer the molds to the refrigerator until set, times vary depending on the size of the molds. Remove from molds, if they’re silicone, they will just pop right out!

Step 4

I found these molds after I made the first batch!

Step 5

Kids love the amazing shapes!

Step 6

Kid approved! This recipe is great to customize. You can add extracts or vitamin powders to increase the nutritional boost. Happy experimenting!