LUNCHBOX TREATS: Homemade Fruit Leathers

My 4-year-old has started preschool and lunchbox making has gotten real. In years past when he went to Mother’s Day Out, I had to make two or three lunches a week. Now, it’s 5. Plus two for his sister. They like different things. Hunter is in a nut-free classroom and his school doesn’t allow pork. One thing everyone agrees on is fruit leather. It’s the easiest lunchbox treat ever and you can make enough to last a couple of weeks in 5 minutes of hand-on time.


  • 3-4 cups fruit, chopped if bigger like stone fruits
  • Sweetener, your choice, to taste

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Step 1

For this batch I used peaches and 1 teaspoon honey Toss it all in the blender and blend until smooth

Step 2

Pour the mixture onto the sheet pan. I lied the pan with parchment paper so I could just cut the whole thing into strips later.

Step 3

Smooth with an offset spatula (or any spatula) and tap the pan on the counter to even out the mixture and get rid of air bubbles.

Step 4

Place the pans in the oven at the lowest temperature available (mine is 170) for 6-8 hours.

Step 5

This is how it should look…like fruit roll-ups but WAY better!

Step 6

I cut the fruit leather with the parchment attached into strips and tied with baker’s twine. One tray yielded us 10 fruit leathers, obviously this depends on how you cut them. Easiest and best-tasting lunchbox treat ever!