Monster Muck Sensory Play

Whenever I see a sensory play idea somewhere, there’s a pic of a kiddo playing neatly inside the house, keeping all materials inside a bucket. That doesn’t happen at my house, so we do these activities outside. Sensory play is messy, but it is a learning tool and encourages so much creativity and language that it’s worth it to me. This activity requires just a few items, you probably already have at least some of them at home. Full disclosure: I ended up having to strip the kids at the back door and take them straight to the shower afterwards. We also had to wash down the patio afterwards because my kids decided to make it snow. Still worth it. Help keep our resources for families with special needs free! We have recommend products which were used in the production of this recipe. You can purchase these products through the Amazon Smile program, with Project Autism selected as your Charity of Choice, allowing us to receive a donation from Amazon for every purchase you make.


  • Shaving cream, any kind. I got the cheapest one.
  • Cornstarch, again the cheapest.
  • Googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners

Purchasing with Amazon Smile enables The AmazonSmile Foundation to donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to a charity of your choice.

Step 1

Squirt all the shaving cream into a bucket. My kiddo needed two hands to press the button down firmly enough to get the shaving cream to come out. Fine motor work is a bonus here.

Step 2

Add in cornstarch, a bit at a time, and knead the shaving cream and cornstarch together. The better they are incorporated, the better they hold together.

Step 3

More fine motor work. We ended up using the whole box.

Step 4

As you can see, our materials left the bucket. It’s washes off completely with water, but if you have animals, I suggest keeping them inside as we did because they kept trying to eat the mixture.

Step 5

Make some creations!

Step 6

This is a “crab”.

Step 7

It became a “monster”.

Step 8

Here is a snowman. That led to singing “Do you want to build a snowman?” and the kids making it snow all over the patio. My son told us it could finally be Christmas because it had finally snowed. He has seen Charlie Brown Christmas too many times. Do this activity. Have a blast!