Painting Cookies with Edible Paint

Mix up your own edible paint and use sugar cookies as your canvas! This is a great activity for those long breaks from school in November and December.


  • Powdered sugar
  • Water
  • Paintbrushes or Q-tips
  • Food coloring

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Step 1

Buy or make sugar cookies

Step 2

Mix powdered sugar with water to make icing (2 Tablespoons water to 1 cup powdered sugar) Divide into separate plates/bowls/sections of a muffin tin Add food coloring to tint as desired

Step 3

Paint the cookies however you like with the edible paint!

Step 4

Have fun!

Step 5

Let the icing dry before serving! You can Poke holes in this dough before baking with a skewer if you want to make a cookie garland for your tree or mantel.