Peanut Butter Banana Bonbons

My kids love the idea of a sweet treat after dinner. This treat from Joy the Baker is a couple of bites that are delicious but also include some fruit and protein. Once they are completely done, you can store them in a bag in the freezer and have a sweet treat on hand for whenever the craving strikes!


  • 3 bananas
  • 1/2 cup nut or seed butter
  • 10 ounces chocolate chips (I used bittersweet)
  • 2 tablespoons coconut oil - Smile Link
  • small popsicle sticks - Smile Link
  • Piping bottle and tip (optional but helpful) - Smile Link

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Step 1

Peel bananas. Slice into rounds. Pipe or dollop nut butter onto half of the banana rounds.

Step 2

Make banana sandwiches. To insert the sticks, hold onto the banana sandwich firmly around the bottom and press the stick through both banana slices. Freeze these pops for 30 minutes.

Step 3

Melt the chocolate and coconut oil in the microwave in 30 second intervals, stirring. This took 1 minute for me.

Step 4

Dip the slightly frozen banana pops into the chocolate.

Step 5

Swirl the pops a little to let the excess drip off.

Step 6

After you are done dipping, freeze all the bonbons for at least 2 hours.

Step 7