Personalized Mugs: A Father's Day Craft

These are a personalized way to make a gift for dad and they don't require that your child be able to write, simply scribble. If you've been anywhere near Pinterest, you've seen the Sharpie mugs. They are everywhere, but there is a lot of disagreement over the best method to complete the project. We made these twice and learned a few lessons. First: you absolutely need the oil-based Sharpie PAINT markers, not regular Sharpies. Second: you need a solid layer of color around the letters to make them pop. You may have to help with this, my kids weren't interested in coloring QUITE as long as necessary. Third: the color fades a little during baking, no matter which kind of marker you use.


  • Plain mugs, any color, white shows the color best (check the dollar or clearance section and buy extras in case of mess-ups)
  • Alphabet stickers - Smile Link
  • Sharpie oil-based paint markers - Smile Link

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Step 1

Use the stickers to spell out your message or name.

Step 2

Color the mugs. I also had the kids write their names on the bottom of the mugs to 'sign' them.

Step 3

You need a lot of color around the edges of the letters, you might need to go over them after the kids have lost interest.

Step 4

Let the mugs dry with the stickers still on for 24 hours.

Step 5

Peel off the stickers. Place the mugs in a cold oven and heat to 400 with the mugs inside. Set timer for 40 minutes.