Friday Favorites

By Heather

There are tons of fun, inspiring, and educational information on the internet...these are our favorite finds for this week. If you have a favorite find, be sure to let us know!

For our fellow Texans: be sure to check out some of the recent changes on ARDs, cameras in classrooms, decision-making agreements for adults with disabilities, and more!

3 adapted recipe units for some fun Fall Themed cooking

Another fun recipe you and the kiddos can make together for the Halloween holiday

Speaking of baking, have you heard of this awesome bakery in Kansas?

Does your child have glasses? Are they worried about their glasses ruining their proposed Halloween costume? Problem solved!

The average American family throws away 20% of all food purchased, wasting hard-earned income. Here are 5 tips to keep food from souring

The amazing things that could happen thanks to a new app, Autism and Beyond

Social skills for adults—with a day on "how to flirt"

Taking an airplane ride can be an overwhelming experience for an individual with autism- this company is making it a little bit easier and even had an event right here in our hometown!

Remember that "100 Years of Fashion in 2 Minutes" video that went viral this Summer? In this hilarious parody video, Jessi Sanfilippo, showcases just 24 hours of mom fashion