A Halloween Social Story

By Heather

Social Stories are an effective way to teach routines and skills, particularly for children with Autism. It can be a written or visual guide describing various social interactions, social situations, behaviors, skills, and/or concepts. For October, a social story on the steps involved with Trick-or-Treating can help ensure you and your child have a fun (and smooth!) evening.

Read this book several times before Halloween. You can have your child join in by filling in the blanks or by saying "Trick-or-Treat" when it calls for it.

It is typically easier to have 1 step on a page at a time, so we have included recommended steps for each page for creating your own social story. Alternatively, you could copy/paste this information on to a Word document for use.

We recommend that you personalize this story with your child's name and even their image, if you wish.

Page One:

On Friday, October 31st, it will be Halloween! Halloween is when we get to go trick-or-treating.

Page Two:

After dinner, I will put on my Halloween costume.

*You could put details about your child's costume here*

Page Three:

When I have my costume on, I will hold Mom's hand and we will walk down the street! I will stay with Mom at all times.

Page Four:

We will go to our neighbor's house. I will ring the doorbell.

*You could take a picture of a few neighbor's homes, or look up your street on Google and print that*

Page Five:

When our neighbor answers the door, I will say "Trick-or-Treat". Then our neighbor will give me candy to put into my bucket. I will eat this candy later.

*If your child is nonverbal, you can change this to say "I will hand our neighbor my note". We have an example note on our Tips for Halloween blog that you could print out*

Page Six:

Then, we will go to the next house and do the same thing again. I will do this at many houses and get a lot of candy.

Page Seven:

When we are all done, we will go home. I will take off my costume. Then, I will pick one piece of candy to eat. Trick-or-treating is so much fun!