Friday Favorites

By Heather

There are tons of fun, inspiring, and educational information on the internet...these are our favorite finds for this week. If you have a favorite find, be sure to let us know!

An agenda can help make sure you cover the basics with those who work with your child. Follow these tips for creating an agenda for an IEP Meeting

This has been all over the internet, so we're sure you have seen it by now…but we just couldn't NOT include it on our Favorites this week

The Seattle Seahawks and Seahawks Women's Association announced a partnership with A OK Autism to provide toolkits to make CenturyLink Field and game day activities more user-friendly for fans on the spectrum

Drawing can be a great way to work on fine motor skills! If you're having a hard time getting your child to want to draw, try out some of these ideas

North Carolina becomes the 43rd state to pass a version of autism insurance reform!

Sometimes you don't need the dog that has been highly trained to help your child

And now, 4 Favorites in honor of the upcoming Halloween holiday!

We recently shared some ideas for incorporating glasses into your child's Halloween costume. Now there are some tips for incorporating a wheelchair

Trick or treating may not be your child's cup of tea. You can celebrate in alternative ways, like reading a few Halloween books

We are so excited to see more people considering food allergies in their "treats" this year. The Teal Pumpkin Project is a huge reason why, and they have some wonderful ideas for alternative ideas to have for your neighborhood kiddos who may not be able to eat that Reese's

How about one more tip sheet on alternative ideas, just for good measure?