Friday Favorites

By Heather

There are tons of fun, inspiring, and educational information on the internet...these are our favorite finds for this week. If you have a favorite find, be sure to let us know!


It's difficult enough for busy, overworked and over tired special needs parents to keep track of just one medication, let alone the multiple medications that many of our kids must take just to make it safely through their days. Check out this blog for some tips to better manage the many meds you have in your household.

"When I stop to think about it, does taking care of my family make me "super mom" just because my kids have different needs than others?"

After over 40 years, a man receives an autism diagnosis and he finally can stop putting on an act in his daily social situations.

For most kids, taking their hand is enough to keep them close to you, but it's not always that easy with a child with autism.

Thanksgiving isn't technically a Jewish holiday. But that doesn't mean you can't have Jewish Thanksgiving Recipes!

Overwhelmed by the dozens of gluten free pastas in the grocery aisles? Here's what to use each gluten-free pasta for, and what this family liked—and didn't—about each variation.

I know, I know- let's honor Thanksgiving before jumping to Christmas. But MAYBE you want to use the long weekend to work on some Christmas-themed activities which work on counting?!

Sensory bottles are fun for kids, but what if your kids, no longer call themselves "kids"? But they still love crafts? This is the sensory bottle for them!

Finally, I'm sure you may have seen this video floating around the internet. If not, check out how an amazing teacher impacts his students.