Friday Favorites

By Heather

There are tons of fun, inspiring, and educational information on the internet...these are our favorite finds for this week. If you have a favorite find, be sure to let us know!

How a Facebook feature reminded this mom of something very important.

Social clubs for kids with autism, and how they can help!

Have you heard of Suzie's books? If not check them out here, with info from the author

We know, you are on break and don't want to be thinking about work. But JUST in case you need something for when you start back on Monday…

Who is watching Sesame Street more now that they have introduced a character with special needs? We are! And this fun activity can be done along with watching the latest episode.

One mom wants to arm other parents with some knowledge about appendicitis.

A great gift idea for winter holidays? Books!

Starting to think about stocking stuffers? This is great for the Lego lover in your life.

Or these stocking stuffer ideas! They are a little more "learning based" but still fun.

Finally, need something fill the time off from school and work this week? Why not make a sensory bin!?