It Is Okay To Be Slow-A Mom's Reason To Be Thankful

By Guest

Zule and is a mom to two beautiful kids, Ruben (10 )and Karina (6). Ruben was diagnosed with PDD NOS when he was 3- since then Zule has been on mission to provide him with all the resources available that can help him achieve a life filled with success. During their downtime they enjoy, watching movies, baking, reading books, swimming, taking road trips, enjoying a picnic in the park or the zoo and riding the shuttle in downtown.

Mornings are the craziest times in our household. No matter how early we set the alarm, we are always flying out the door ten minutes later than planned. I wake up Karina, little sister who is basically a morning person and always ready to go, then Ruben who is completely the opposite. Ruben hates the early morning. His first words are usually "aggghh mom it's still nighttime, look out the window." I pretty much have to physically drag him out of bed. By the time both kiddos get to the kitchen, breakfast is served and my words of encouragement are usually "ok guys Chop! Chop! Let's go! Eat breakfast, we can't be late." Not very encouraging, but it sure gets them going. One of these mornings, though, Ruben, who is perfectly unique, taught me a thing or two about being grateful and enjoying life. I say perfectly unique not because he is autistic but because he is in fact, so unique, so him, so special, so original. Our morning conversation went something like this:

Crazy mom (that would be me): Guys lets go, we're gonna be late.

Kari: Ruben is not eating, mom.

Crazy mom: Ruben, hun,' if you don't eat your French toast you won't get 10-minute tablet in the car.

Ruben: mom, it is gonna be Thanksgiving soon.

Crazy mom: yes baby, are you eating?

Ruben: Are we thankful on Thanksgiving?

Kari: I'm gonna go brush my teeth, mom, and get ready.

Crazy mom: honey yes, now we gotta get you ready for school, let's go, please.

Ruben: What are you thankful for mom?

Crazy mom: Let's go c'mon we can talk about being thankful in the car, we're gonna be late, Karina let's fix your hair, Ruben honey put your shoes on, let's go, c'mon!

I could see tension building up in Ruben, but I wasn't expecting what he said next….

Ruben: Mom you're always rushing me, I hate to go fast mom, why are you always rushing me? I'm thankful for your French toast because it is the best!

I looked at Ruben and I froze. I went over to him and I said,"I'm glad you're thankful for my French toast, I'm sorry I'm rushing you, we're going to slow down from now on." He gave me a kiss and asked, "is it ok if I'm slow, mom?" Right at the moment Ruben stopped my mental car that is usually speeding 100 miles per hour. I watched how he carefully pays attention to the way he ties his shoelace. How gently he sets his Snoopy's in a nice straight row before we walk out the house. (You see, during this season Ruben gets very much into the holidays and Snoopy becomes his companion. He has five Snoopy's, different sizes with different scarves who dance to the Charlie Brown theme song.)

My boy had just taught me to be grateful for the smallest things and to slow down and enjoy life. I am thankful for Ruben's gift of teaching me that the best things in life are enjoyed when you slow down. Because sometimes it's ok to be slow.