To My Husband on Father's Day

By Jackie

“Thank you for being my dad. Thank you for taking care of me.”

These are words that my husband has never heard from our son, but if he could speak, I think he would say this and much more. 

Our oldest son has severe, nonverbal autism and needs extra special care. He is a lucky kid because Chris sacrificed his career to become a fulltime dad.

Chris is the steady rock in the storm that autism brings to our lives. He has so much patience in dealing with meltdowns, trying to figure out why our son is upset. 

He brings kindness and love to show our son that he will be there for him and take care of him.

Chris is the technology guru for our son’s voracious appetite for YouTube videos – his latest obsession: The Twelve Days of Christmas song.

And Chris shares his sense of humor to guide us through the rough patches and remind us that tomorrow will bring a better day.

Chris will not hear the words “Happy Father’s Day” from our son, and so I have something I’d like to tell him right now.

Happy Father’s Day. You’re officially the world’s best dad.


This family is blessed with so much love! See Chris's Mother's Day message to Jana here: