Counseling and Support

Children with Autism: Those seeking counsel

Individual, marital, or family counseling – Children with autism aren't the only members of the family who often require professional therapeutic support. If not recognized and addressed in a timely manner, the stresses and general depression that accompany the role of parent can yield detrimental results for the entire household. Marital counseling, for example, can help parents who are sharing these challenges understand the impact they have on their relationship and their lives. These therapy sessions also serve as a reminder that other couples in the same situation experience similar hardships, but that they can be overcome with the right tools and approach.

If you and your spouse are experiencing challenges of raising a child with autism and it is negatively impacting your relationship with each other or other members of your family, then family counseling may be the solution for you. An experienced marital counseling professional will invite each of you to voice your thoughts on everything related to life as parents of a child with autism, including how you can improve your coping techniques and how learn from each other along the way.

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