Autism Night Out

In November 2014, Project Autism launched the Autism Day/Night Out program!

This program provides families affected by autism a chance to participate in a family outing in a fun, safe environment- for free!

One of our Ways to Give is by sponsoring all or a portion of one of these events. Proceeds given will go towards renting any event spaces, special packages, parking costs and other necessities needed to provide the best time possible.

Below are various events we have had since the program's inception--check it out, and if you feel inspired to join us in offering these events to our families, please contact us!

Lo que está bien para un alma puede no estar bien para otra. Quizás quiere decir sostenerse por sí mismo y hacer algo extraño ante los ojos de los demás. Autismo: ¡Haz tus propias cosas!
Eileen Caddy