Ways to give

Project Autism relies on the generosity of others to help further our mission to provide assistance, support, and education to families and professionals affected by and/or affiliated with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). You can help donate to autism in a number of ways:


Volunteer your time. Please visit the volunteer page for more information.

Make a Contribution

We are a non-profit organization and as such we run purely on donations. To help us further our cause please consider making acontribution to assist us in spreading information, awareness, training, and education through the Project Autism website as well as in providing Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy scholarships to individuals on the spectrum who are unable to afford treatment.

Donate Items

We appreciate any and all products you would like to contribute: of particular need are office furniture and supplies, computer equipment, toys, and technological devices (tablets, iPads, etc.). The incorporation of communication based technology is frequently used to supplement and enhance communication during speech therapy. High and low tech systems such as: Ipads, computer apps, voice output devices, keyboards, communication with picture exchange, and single button devices are used based on client's skill level.

Sponsor an "Autism Day/Night Out"

In an effort to give families affected by autism a chance to have some fun we host various Autism Day/Night Out events throughout the city. One of our ways to give is by sponsoring one of these nights. Proceeds given will go towards renting the venue, special packages and other necessities needed to provide the best time possible. You can check out some of the past events we have offered here. If you would like to donate towards this program, please contact us and let us know!

Fund a Scholarship

You can help other children with autism achieve their goals and success through funding a scholarship for ABA therapy. Every child deserves the best intervention and treatment available, and you can help set the foundation for a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Give your Time

We have a variety of options available for those looking to volunteer, from typing to attending community events. Schedules are flexible as we know that our volunteers may have full-time jobs, families and other things to do on a daily basis.

Currently, we host volunteer orientations every other month for those that are interested in joining the Project Autism Volunteer Team. The orientation is required for all volunteers. For information on upcoming dates, please contact us at [email protected].

Don't let Autism make you the exception, let it make you exceptional
Stuart Duncan